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Triple Balance Community Services was founded by a small group of youth who saw the need for change and empowerment amongst their peers and community members. After assessing the needs of community members and organizations, this small group of youth decided to host local events that highlighted the positive social culture that surrounded their community. Through 2006 - 2009, seven community events were held including basketball tournaments, community barbeques, and youth workshops. However the need for substantial community projects far outweighed the available shoe string budget comprised of the groups personal funds.

After receiving the support of experienced members of the community, the youth of Triple Balance endeavoured to volunteer their time to existing community projects and groups within the Greater Toronto Area. Projects included volunteering as youth mentors, coaching high school basketball, and teaching in Saturday schools. The Triple Balance team also furthered their education in business and community issues while continuing to build the capacity for a community agency.




Love - The driving force behind all creation and the spirit that life flourishes in.
Truth - The physical manifestation or reflection of love.
Faith - The continuous practice of love and truth we know and believe in.



To serve a culturally diverse community, Triple Balance will provide a wide range of Recreation and Art activities that will focus on leadership, diversity, community building and teamwork. We will provide top quality recreation and cultural learning experiences through specialized programming for children and youth.

  • We provide a clean and safe environment for users.
  • Enthusiastic well-trained staff that care about participant success.
  • Character and community development skills embedded into program goals.



Triple Balance mentoring will provide mentoring services for at risk youth through community and youth outreach. Outreach workers and community partners will advocate for youth needs, program development and community awareness enabling the development of health and knowledgeable youth within the community.

  • Experienced community members providing services and support for issues regarding health, family, education and finances.
  • Online support and social networks for a variety of interest including sports, business and public speaking.
  • Information about upcoming community events, awards, scholarships and bursaries.



The mission of Triple Balance Child and Youth Employment is to assist youth with individual interests and skills recognition and the development of these skills into foreseeable career opportunities. We focus on continuous career development while creating educational employment opportunities within the GTA, helping the development of a more self reliant community. Through partnerships with both public and sector businesses we will provide experience in small and corporate business environments.

  • Online resource kits for employment success (resume, cover letters, portfolios).
  • Resource list of jobs and apprenticeship opportunities within the GTA.
  • Resource trips, mock interviews and in-field job hunts.



Triple Balance recognizes the importance of promoting health and wellness in the communities we serve. Triple Balance continues to strengthen its efforts to integrate health-related education into all its services. Triple Balance will focus on specific areas such as nutrition, child abuse, sexuality, tobacco, drugs and alcohol awareness. The educational components promote responsible behaviour and the adoption of lifestyles conducive to good health.



Our aim at Triple Balance is to facilitate access to legal services within priority neighbourhoods for youth who take part in any Triple Balance mentoring program. We also work with any youth who are at risk of legal conflict by offering diverse programming. Through our community partnerships, outreach and community awareness we will increase access to justice services by promoting equality. Connecting youth with legal resources will allow us to accomplish our goal and empower the community.